General Release Notes:

MFA: ProgenyES has been updated to support multi-factor authentication using TOTP.

Primary and Secondary Authorized Signatures: Authorized signatures may now be specified as primary or secondary and selected as such on reports to ease the transition in ProgenyES when authorizing individuals change.

Fast Card Preview: Card design has been dramatically streamlined by allowing a card design to be previewed directly through the card designer.

Improved Password Security: ProgenyES passwords have been updated to use a more secure and scalable hash to ensure passwords continue to be secure as computing hardware and cracking techniques/technology progress.

Additional General Improvements: Additionally, the entire software has had a thorough review in our efforts to make ProgenyES as effective and reliable as possible.

Release Note Details:

10.3.0 (2023-8-1)

  • Added TOTP support
  • Added Primary/Secondary Authorized Signature support
  • Fixed audit not being logged
  • Fixed issue with upgrading from 10.0 to 10.3
  • Added TOTP support to locked dialog
  • Fixed locked dialog only showing once per run
  • Fixed OST Verification not showing address line 1, 2, and zip
  • Fixed id card text calculation
  • Updated to use the latest pdfium
  • Fixed address zip handling for non-US countries
  • Updated to display country for non-US countries
  • Fixed address zip handling for non-US countries
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