General Release Notes:

Report Builder Geosite Overlay:  Overlays of the fenced geosites may now be displayed on report builder maps.

Address User Definable Fields:  User defined address fields may now be added to records.

Country Specific States:  State drop-downs have been updated to show values specific to the currently selected country.

Drag to Add Images:  Images may now be dragged into the application for documents, photos, and logos.

Report Builder Click to Add Buttons:  The much requested buttons for adding filters and output without dragging have been re-added to the Report Builder.

Login Timeout:  The automatic login timeout feature has been re-added.

Password Change:  The user password change feature has been re-added.

Bulk Profile Report:  The bulk profile report feature has been re-added.

Bulk CIB Report:  Support for bulk CIB reports has been added.

Additional General Improvements:  Besides the obvious changes, the entire software has had a thorough review in our efforts to make ProgenyES as effective and reliable as possible.

Release Note Details:

10.1.1 (2020-02-20)

  • Fixed custom sections not displaying for parents in Family Style 2 report
  • Fixed base roll id for children on Family Style 2
  • Fixed resolution date, relinquished date, and enrollment date displaying the null date on profile report
  • Fixed an issue with clearing filestream columns
  • Fixed quantum by tribe filtering
  • Fixed birth month filtering
  • Fixed ensuring the empty household exists
  • Fixed modified date for database register
  • Fixed version display in register
  • Added buttons for adding items to report builder
  • Updated adding landbases to show the other landbase areas for easy reference
  • Added landbase display and toggle to report builder map
  • Improved add/edit landbase initial map view
  • Updated country/state combos to display country-specific states
  • Added PDS to Progeny merge
  • Updated the minor address update form to show checkboxes
  • Added login timeout
  • Added password change dialog
  • Added bulk profile report support
  • Revised all reports to use the cached report system
  • Updated to DevExpress 19.2
  • Added bulk CIB report support
  • Added drag to add for individual documents
  • Added drag to add for individual photo
  • Added drag to add for logos
  • Fixed closing new record with formatted enrollment number   
  • Fixed log file showing SQL password      
  • Fixed calculate ethnicity from parents missing values
  • Fixed ‘Unknown’ Tribal Voter option in Report Builder
  • Fixed Database modified date remaining unknown
  • Fixed Custom Quick Tree causing a crash for unsaved record
  • Fixed typo in report builder for withholding type
  • Fixed invalid payment addresses causing upgrades to fail
  • Fixed Docx export failing
  • Updated Parcel and Share output to show percent sign in report builder
  • Fixed card preset flyout on removal
  • Updated divorce date to be disabled unless the status is divorced
  • Fixed UDF sections displaying data on blank Profile Report
  • Added standard file filter for adding logo from file
  • Added support for logos from pdfs
  • Updated Canadian Indian Status Options
  • Updated eligible for payment checkbox to not occupy the whole line
  • Fixed change history not showing when payment information changed
  • Fixed logging for Basic Cert, CTE and Record Change History
  • Added explicit filters for hair, eyes and child relation
  • Improved query builder date handling to support datetime2 range of dates
  • Fixed eye filter being exclusive
  • Fixed hair filter being exclusive
  • Fixed child relation status filter being exclusive
  • Fixed an issue with adding pdf to logos
  • Added denied spouse status filter to report builder
  • Fixed Guardian filter for mother and father in report builder
  • Fixed default password expiration
  • Fixed age delineation report date range problems
  • Fixed restore backup under a different name
  • Fixed card created date on report builder output to N/A for empty values
  • Fixed profile report showing the percentage of parcel twice
  • Fixed CTE comments loading from CIB
  • Fixed export since the last date crashing
  • Fixed record subsequent saves failing after an export
  • Fixed validation for quantum filters in report builder
  • Fixed payment withholding type filter in report builder
  • Fixed signature crop crashing
  • Fixed removing a locked registrant
  • Fixed printing id cards to card printers
  • Fixed card type filter labels in report builder
  • Fixed card type filtering in report builder
  • Fixed ssn prompt in report builder
  • Reverted report caching from the application
  • Updated to prevent adding fingerprints to read-only record
  • Fixed Report Name filters being anded in report builder
  • Fixed editing family links in the family tree for read-only records
  • Fixed filtering survey fields for phone
  • Fixed filtering survey fields for text
  • Fixed Detail Family Tree record 5 and 6 Total quantum cross-wiring
  • Fixed hair filter duplication
  • Fixed eye filter duplication
  • Fixed pink eye color filter grouping
  • Fixed filter by Payment Type in report builder
  • Fixed document title for dragging to add with long names
  • Added address UDF handling to Profile report
  • Fixed undo for removing saved reports in the library
  • Fixed DateTime filtering in report builder to handle datetime2 values
  • Fixed age projection at least/excluding in report builder
  • Added inactive status to spouse enrollment filters in report builder
  • Fixed duplicate filter prevention for father relation in report builder
  • Fixed duplicate filter prevention for mother relation in report builder
  • Fixed duplicate filter prevention for spouse relation in report builder
  • Fixed duplicate filter prevention for child relation in report builder
  • Fixed duplicate filter prevention for card type in report builder
  • Fixed duplicate filter prevention for affiliation in report builder
  • Fixed leap day-age projections causing crashes in report builder
  • Fixed document drag and drop name trimming
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